A lot of people spend countless hours adding all kinds of bells and whistles to their website, only to find that it doesn’t help. They promote, use social media and buy AdWords, but nobody sticks around. Needless to say, they get frustrated and think the web isn’t working for them.

If your website is getting traffic, but visitors are leaving right away, there’s a reason why. You need to find out and get that bounce rate down. Here are some of the most common ways websites drive potential customers away.

It’s hard to navigate

If it takes more than two clicks to find what they’re looking for, visitors leave. Simple as that. Is your contact information hidden behind a bunch of other pages? It’s time to revisit your site structure and make sure your most valuable content is at the forefront.

Too many popups

If I can’t get to your content because of countless popups asking me to sign up for a newsletter, I’m out. Not only is this annoying, it often makes viewing on a mobile device nearly impossible. Let me read your content before I decide if I want it delivered to my inbox or not.

It looks bad on a phone

Or any other device. We’ve talked about the importance of responsive web design before, but we can’t stress mobile functionality enough. Even if you aren’t going to make your site fully responsive, it’s mandatory that it at least work on all devices.

Autoplaying video or music

This is a big turnoff. When I land on a webpage and it automatically plays video or music, I am gone. What if your viewer is slacking off at work, shopping, on your website? It’ll be the last time they visit your site.

Outdated content

Did you get excited and start a blog, only to write two posts and leave it there to die? It’s better to have no blog than one that hasn’t been updated in two years. Updated sites have more credibility. Visitors lose confidence when they see a site that has been static for a few years.

Bad spelling

I’ll admit I’m more annoyed by this than most, but it’s still important. Poor spelling gives the impression you don’t care. If you don’t care about the appearance of your own website, how am I, the customer, supposed to feel confident in you?

Keyword stuffing

It doesn’t matter how good a writer you are, if your website copy is stuffed full of keywords it’s not going to be compelling. Writing for search engines is a no-no. Write for the people coming to your site. Besides, search engines are smart – unique, useful content will rise to the top while keyword stuffed drivel won’t even make it to the front page of Google.

Any of these sound familiar?

Hopefully, none of these apply to you. But don’t worry if they do. The good news is that they are all fixable and we can help.

What have we missed? Is there something irritates you when you visit a website? Let us know in the comments!

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