Happy New Year and welcome to the 12 Grain Creative blog!

We launched 12 Grain Creative in August of 2013. Both of us were new to the area, so we decided to combine our skills and have had a fantastic time so far. We’ve met some wonderful new people, worked on some great projects and are super excited to begin our first full year in business together.

We’ll be using this space to share interesting content pertinent to marketing your small business. We invite any and all feedback so don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We’d love it if you joined us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Speaking of the year ahead…

12 Grain Creative 2014 ResolutionsMost folks have high hopes for their New Years resolutions but they can fizzle out pretty quickly. For example, it’s January 26 and I have yet to go to the gym. But you can start a new resolution any time, right?

The key to making resolutions happen? Setting attainable goals. Our resolution is to bring you consistently useful content and help you make the most out of your digital presence, so let’s get started with a few resolutions to help your small business start the year off strong:

  • Delegate. It’s hard to let go when you’re an entrepreneur. But by relinquishing tasks to a trustworthy employee, you free yourself up to plan ahead and look at the bigger picture.
  • Streamline. There are a lot of tools available to keep your business organized, and many of them are free. From simple to do lists to full fledged accounting software, take advantage of the technology available to make your life easier.
  • Update your website. Most consumers research a business online before making a purchase.  Does your website present the image you want it to? Is it easy to view on mobile devices? If not, it’s time to update (and we can help).
  • Find balance. If you’re burned out, you aren’t any good to your business or your family. Pick up a hobby, get outside, hang out with the fam and put your own happiness first.

What personal or professional resolutions did you make this year?

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Digital gal loving rural life in Prince Edward County. Half of 12 Grain Creative. Passionate about helping small business owners to understand and craft their online presence. Loves motorcycles, animals and design. Always learning.

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